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Why We Want to Inspire Moms to Travel

"You better get all your travel in now before the baby comes!"


Oh my, if we had a nickel for every time we heard this during pregnancy. People seem to love to preach the idea that traveling is reserved for the childless and empty nesters.


Well, we're here to tell you, they're wrong.


At eight weeks old, Ellie + Koen went on their first flights and haven't looked back. Collectively, they've flown across the country a few times, experienced Disney on both coasts, visited iconic monuments, and gotten a few stamps on their passports. All in their first year of life. 


Sure, our adventures look a little different now. We move at a slower pace. We view every fountain as a swimming pool. And we always have to be prepared for a poop emergency.


And let's be real, it's not always easy & fun (Just ask Janelle about Koen's blowout on the L Train). But travel is travel. Every experience is an adventure and an opportunity to expand our babies' worlds.


So why are we telling you this? Well, it's simple, we want you to know...


...You can be a mom & a world traveler!


We started this blog because we believe having a baby doesn't mean you have to put adventure on hold. We want to share our travel (and life) successes and fails, in hopes of inspiring you to confidently travel the world with your baby.


Thanks for tagging along on this epic adventure,


Nathalie & Janelle


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