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Why You NEED to Travel With a Stroller

Four Multifunctional Purposes Of a Travel Stroller 



September 19, 2019

I dunno about you, but I'm a stroller person. I love them and it's my go-to for transporting Koko around.


Once we started flying with our little guy at eight weeks old, leaving the stroller at home wasn't an option. And now, over a year later, I'm still 100% sold on traveling with strollers (only now we leave the Uppababy at home take our tiny little Nano). 


I know a stroller can seem like a big thing to lug around while traveling but I'm here to tell you it's totally worth it! Especially if you get a little travel stroller like our Mountain Buggy Nano (see our review here).


Seriously, this little stroller does more than carry Koko around like a king. It's crazy multifunctional.

Four Multifunctional Reasons to Take a Stroller While you travel 

#1: It Can Be a High Chair

When you have a stroller, you're never without a high chair. Whenever we're out we roll Koen up to the table or just feed him on the go.


#2: Or a changing table

When traveling overseas you can't always count on a changing table being available. Thankfully the Nano (and our Thule) turns into a perfect little changing table.


#3: It's also a cozy bed

With a stroller in tow, you never have to choose between skipping a nap or cutting your exploring short. Even while traveling, Koko was a little nap champ, sleeping his way through all of the biggest sites on our recent European adventure.


#4: Plus, it literally carries all the things

Now, this is the real reason I take a stroller, it literally holds everything. Even our Nano is a little packhorse. It carries it all...backpacks, shopping bags, the Ergobaby, snacks, water bottles, and pretty much anything else I didn't want to carry.


Well, that's it. Four multifunctional reasons to travel with a stroller. I can guarantee you'll never see me without ours!


Did I miss anything? What's your favorite stroller bonus feature???

~ Janelle


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